Latest Review of Piano Titans (Opening Day Entertainment Label)

“…The duo plays it with both strength and grace, with beautifully wrought phrases and nicely balanced dialogue. The [Schubert] Fantasie, which represents a third of this hour-long album, can be savoured over and over again.”

Performance Reviews

“…an outstanding two-piano recital with formidable precision and panache.” – The New York Times

“…virtuoso brilliance, balanced ensemble, musical clarity and stylistic assurance…” – The Globe and Mail

“Stravinsky’s Petrushka is put across with astonishing virtuosity and musicianship.” – The National Post

“A whizzing performance of Lutoslawski’s Paganini Variations displayed their finely-honed techniques to much advantage…..their playing is communicative and sonorously energetic.” – The London Times

“Anagnoson and Kinton’s playing is everything that duo-piano playing should be….the unanimity of those fingers would continue to astonish.” – The Ottawa Citizen

“Every note seems invested with tremendous energy.  Anagnoson and Kinton’s control of the build-up and dispersal of tension is masterly.” – The National Post

“Anagnoson and Kinton are superb pianists…the Poulenc is a dramatic piece that demands technical proficiency and plenty of heart, both of which were delivered in abundance.” – The Vancouver Province

“It was one of those nights when just about everything went right: the right music was played by the right musicians and the audience was in the right frame of mind to respond to them with a standing ovation.” – The Toronto Star

Recording Reviews

“Performances by both soloists and orchestra are virtuoso and exciting.” [Poulenc – SMCD5120] – American Record Guide

“This is a singular performance of great lucidity and power, flawlessly integrated.” [Arensky recording] – Fanfare Magazine

“The unanimity, supple technical control and flair Anagnoson and Kinton evince here are captured in a superbly natural recording. Rating: A” [Arensky – MVCD1036] – The Calgary Herald

“The interpretations…represent a poised balance between classical restraint and jazzy abandon – stylish, lively and well conceived.” [Gershwin – ProArte367] – Music Magazine

“In the hands of Anagnoson and Kinton, the piano becomes capable of suggesting the vibrancy and expansiveness of a full orchestra.” [Bartok’s Miraculous Mandarin Duet – The Miraculous Mandarin – SMLP4044] – Music Magazine

“These duo keyboard and orchestra performances are among the best of their kind to be found in anyone’s catalogue. They abound with zesty confidence,vast dynamic finesse, a fine instrumental resilience and the sheer joy of intense musical dialogue.” [Poulenc – SMCD5120] – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“…as Canada’s leading duo-piano team reminds us, the music was written originally for piano duet (four hands at one keyboard) and retains an enormous vitality when played by two musicians with a sensitivity to its Bohemian and Yugoslavian and Little Russian folk inspiration.” [Dvorak -MVCD1088] – The Toronto Star

“…the entire disc resonates with joyful energy, pristine passage work and the glowing dynamic intensity that characterize Anagnoson & Kinton at their live concert best.” [Gershwin – ProArte367] – The Kitchener-Waterloo Record

“..[Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks Concerto] likewise finds itself perfectly served by the duo’s sharply defined attacks and keen sense of the composer’s rhythmic subtleties.” [Poulenc -SMCD5120] – Fanfare Magazine

“Anagnoson & Kinton provide impeccably unanimous teamwork here, and are able to summon forth the necessary bold sonorities without a hint of banging or clatter.  All their performances are pervaded by clarity, sensibility and appropriate style…” [Arensky – MVCD1036] – American Music Guide